QUICK TIP: A referral can be made by anyone: a provider, a family member, even the patient him/herself. For more information or to make a referral contact us at 603.715.5802.


The word Avanti means to advance or move forward. Our mission is to create a warm, friendly environment and to serve our clients with the highest quality of care. We believe in teamwork and the willingness to never stop learning. As these goals are met, we achieve excellence and professionalism to allow us to move forward in our ever changing healthcare industry and our clients to move forward in their lives. Our passion is to provide reliable and personalized care to our clients needs while building long lasting relationships founded on trust and professionalism, which we believe to be our “gold standard.”



Avanti Home Health Care is a privately owned Health Care Agency located in Concord, NH. We offer nursing and rehabilitative care for those with mental and or medical illnesses in the place they call home. Our management team has years of home care experience with proven success along with a highly respected reputation within the community. We value our employees and the care they provide, and we believe that recovery is best facilitated in the patient’s home. Our employee’s deliver care with respect and compassion and are carefully selected and thoroughly screened.

Our team consists of Registered and Licensed Nurses, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, and Home Health Aides. We employ bilingual staff to serve our cultural and diverse needs in the community. A Registered Nurse is available on call 24/7 to assist patients, families and referral sources with any questions or concerns regarding the services we provide.


Skilled Nursing
Wound care
IV Therapy
Medication and Disease Management
Patient and Caregiver Education
Social Worker
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Home Health Aide


Avanti Home Health Care accepts clients for services based on a reasonable expectation that the client’s medical, nursing, and social needs can adequately be met in the client’s place of residence.


Accountability for delivering positive outcomes for our patients through our work, conduct and interactions

Value and respect one another with open and honest communication

Advocating for the rights and needs of our patients, defending them even if or when we do not agree

Nurturing our patients with compassion and striving to exceed their expectations

Trust, creating a trusting relationship with our patients, their families and our referral sources

Integrity, to always do the right thing and to adhere to our company policies and the “gold standard”


To create a therapeutic relations with our patients, families and referral sources.

To give back to our community when opportunities arise, and acknowledgement for our passion and commitment to improve the quality of life of others.

To empower our patients and give them the tools needed to reach their goals.

To provide a comfortable and safe environment for our employees.

We are licensed and insured in New Hampshire and we welcome any and all feedback to improve ourselves as professionals and as a company.

Avanti Home Health Care does not discriminate based on sex, sexual orientation, race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, age, and/or disability for admission to service or employment.